UPDATE 7:42 p.m. 6.21.09: Thanks to Leland over at ThemeLab, I figured out my problem and there are now fully-functional widgets at the bottom of the site. Many thanks!

I’m pretty proud of this little space I carved into the World Wide Web just about a month ago. Considering I had little knowledge about HTML and even less about CSS, it’s come a long way.

A post from Emily Ingram about purchasing a domain and installing WordPress on it helped me out, and my experience working with Blogger, WordPress, College Publisher and Moveable Type made the rest of the experience a breeze. I even got my hands dirty in the site’s CSS, starting with a “minimalism” theme and building this site you see here. Some tutorials at w3schools and some frustrated Google searching helped me along the way.

But I still code at about a third grade level.

So when is started out early this afternoon to get a three-column, widgetized footer on this here Web site, I thought I’d be able to do it no problem. I was wrong. Here’s what I did:

Hey e’rybuddy! Like my 1990’s-inspired site? I built it by fucking up the style.css – hope you like it!

In my defense, technically, it worked. If you look for the widgets, hey presto, they’re at the bottom. But it wasn’t exactly what I was gunnin’ for.

So I have a favor to ask:

Does anybody have any experience installing a widgetized footer on a minimalist WordPress theme? I’ve already tried the tutorial here and some troubleshooting here. I might try this one next.

Or, alternatively:

Does anybody have something really, really heavy they could drop on my head?

5 thoughts on “#CSSfail.

  1. Hey, thanks for the link to my widgetized footer tutorial, although I’m sorry you couldn’t get it working. Judging from the Scribd slideshow, it looks like your stylesheet just went completely missing.

    I’m wondering if you noticed this problem after you edited the stylesheet by adding the widgetized footer CSS code. Or was it something else?

  2. Thanks Leland. Yeah, for some reason a couple of attempts at altering the style.css just blew the whole thing to pieces. Luckily I archived a copy of my theme before I started today.

    The tutorial was helpful, but I was a little unclear on where to put the initial HTML markup. I cross-referenced with some other posts that had content you put in the theme.php, so I figured it might be that. I’ll probably give it another shot later this week, and I’ll definitely be looking back at the post, and checking out your site in the future.

    Thanks again.

  3. Looking at the HTML markup of your current theme, it would go somewhere in in the “footer” div. This would probably be located in the footer.php file of your theme.

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