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Ad seg.

“They throw them out of here with a mentality that they were mistreated, because of the conditions they was exposed to in solitary confinement.The system creates the monsters we have out here on the streets in Newark, New Jersey. There’s no doubt that’s a contributing factor. It’s a public health issue.”

I spoke with some former prison inmates about their time in “ad seg.”

I always tell people, just imagine how difficult it is to be in public life and to get things done. I mean, imagine a painter, you know, van Gogh, he says, “I want to paint the Starry Night,” and someone says, “Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Do we really need a 42 by 42 canvas? I think a round canvas.” And then the committee votes to be a round canvas. “Do we have to have a painting about the night, of the stars? I love day paintings. I like upbeat paintings and forget about night paintings, we want a day painting.” This is the way it goes. All of a sudden, there would be no “Starry Night,” and this is the way it goes.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger’s surprisingly accurate metaphor for how state politics works, as heard on the Nerdist podcast.